"The light of art reflects back the imagination of an artist" - Wrick

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Hello everyone! This site is just for the exhibition of my paintings. They are mostly in watercolours. Some are in sketch and other media. Just go through this site. Enjoy!


Priyadarshi Mukhopadhyay 

[ a.k.a.  Wrick

About The Artist -

My picture.

Hello! I'm Wrick. I am an Indian painter. My landscapes are based on simple unusual scenes. My artistic inspirations are from Charles Evans , an artist from Northumberland. Do enjoy seeing my artistic creations. I also enjoy doing Human figures. But those human figures are just from imaginations and were never present in reality. There are moorland scenes , snowy scenes , and many more.

Birthday:- 1st November, 2001.

Birthplace :- Asansol , West Bengal     Nationality:- Indian.


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- Priyadarshi.

Most of my paintings depict impressionism. They represent my observations without giving a completely realistic look to what I wanted to create. Basically I am a self-taught impressionist artist and have learnt art with the help of e-books, videos and getting experienced by regular practice.

There are few artworks which are not upto a level of distinction, as per my judgement. Please forgive me for representing such artworks here. But displaying any of my artwork is inevitable because it takes a lot of courage, price, exertion and time to create an artwork. So I apologise again for displaying such pictures.

Exhibition -

Here , my best paintings are exhibited. Enjoy seeing them!

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N.B. :- The sizes of the paintings displayed below are the sizes of the paintings including the borders. The sizes displayed along with the paintings are the sizes of the whole materials on which the paintings were made. The sizes of the borders are usually about 1 inch, but may vary in some paintings. The sizes given below are in inches.

Traditionally the inch is denoted by a double prime, which is often approximated by double quotes ("), and the foot by a prime, which is often approximated by an apostrophe ('). For example, three feet two inches can be written as 3′ 2″.


If you are interested in buying any of my artworks, please mail the serial no. of the painting and your location to


But that doesn't ensure your buying the artwork(s) because there's no home-delivery-system available. Moreover the charge for home delivery exceeds the price of the item(s), according to latest rates of shipping companies. You are forbidden to communicate, through the above mentioned e-mail address, for any other purpose other than business purpose.

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 Faithfully ,

Priyadarshi Mukhopadhyay

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26. In oil pastel, size: 14"×11" [Price: ₹200]

25. In watercolours, size: 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

24. In watercolours, size: 8.5"×10.5"  [Price: ₹100]

23. In watercolours, size: 10"×10"  [Price: ₹80]

22. In watercolours, size: 8.5"×12"  [Price: ₹80]

21. In watercolours, size: 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

20. In watercolours, size:11"×14"  [Price: ₹100]

19. Pencil-shading technique, size:11"×12"  [Price: ₹200]

18. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

17. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹125]

16. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

15. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹100]

14. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

13. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹80]

12. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹200]

11. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹100]

10. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

9. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹80]

8. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹100]

7. In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

6. In watercolours, size: 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

5.  In watercolours, size : 11"×14"  [Price: ₹250]

4.  In watercolours, size : 18"×22"  [Price: ₹300]

3. In watercolours, size: 18"×22"  [Price: ₹300]

2. In watercolours, size:18"×22"  [Price: ₹250]

1.  In watercolours, size : 22"×28"  [Price: ₹150]

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